PX to REM Converter

Finsweet offers a tool for Webflow called the PX to REM Migrator that can automatically convert pixel values to rem values in Webflow projects. This tool is part of the Finsweet Extension, and it will convert every value in the project from px to its computed rem value.

To convert px values to rem, divide the px value by 16 (e.g., 64px / 16px = 4rem) [2]. To convert rem values to px, multiply the rem value by 16 (e.g., 2rem x 16px = 32px) [2].

It would be awesome to see a feature like this come to Divhunt.

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@scubastvo Just a note here – rem is based off the document’s base font size, which can be changed in the :root css tag, so it’s not always 16px :slight_smile:

:root {
  font-size: 10px;

Then your rems would be 1rem=10px, 2rem=20px, etc etc.

rem is just Relative Em, which is relative to the absolute document font size.

I will change this to 10px from time to time so that I don’t have to remember math, and everything is based off of 10 :smiley: