Quality of life improvements

In the Divhunt designer, there are a few suggestions that could significantly improve its usability. While these are relatively small changes, they would contribute to better efficiency, which is crucial when working in the designer all day.

Drop Down Menu Animation - Currently, the drop-down menus in the designer have a slow fade-in animation. Over time, this becomes time-consuming. It would be beneficial if the menus appeared instantly to create a faster overall experience. The current delay just for the menu to appear feels unnecessary.
Divhunt - Faster Drop Downs

increment/decrement handles - Divhunt lacks handles for adjusting sizes. Implementing arrows/handles on hover would enhance speed and efficiency for quicker adjustments. Even better if you could adopt a feature similar to Figma where you can drag infinitely off the screen and it wraps back around from the other side. Also, pressing and holding Shift while using the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease sizes by 10 would be great!
Divhunt - On Hover Arrows to scale

Visual feedback for Spacing & Margin - Adding visual feedback on the canvas when adjusting spacing or margins, similar to the functionality in Webflow. Instead of solely showing the item moving, consider adding visual indicators such as guidelines or temporary boxes that demonstrate the changes in spacing or margin.
Divhunt - Visual for Spacing

Unpin and Collapse All - Including a feature to collapse or expand all layers at once would be a amazing. Then, providing an option to unpin the panel when it’s not needed would improve the workspace.
Unpin and Collapse All

Preview - Currently, clicking the preview button takes you to the staging site, and the only way to return to the designer is by switching tabs or using undo. It would be convenient to have a fixed preview button and toolbar for easy toggling between preview and design modes.
Divhint - Preview


Great feedback harry! We will work on it :slight_smile:


@Pakic Great to hear! I have edited the post with some more visual examples of what I’m talking about.

Really impressed with how you laid this out, It’s getting my brain working on thinking through what other processes could be improved :slight_smile:



I can build you that preview :smiley:


@dejan That would be great!


The preview functionality is live now.


@dejan Amazing. Appreciate the speedy implementation of the new feature. This looks great! I have a couple of suggestions to enhance this even further.

Instant Preview:
Currently, the preview includes a fade-in and fade-out animation, which introduces unnecessary delays. Removing this animation and making it instant would improve the speed of the overall experience. I’ve noticed Divhunt has a fade in and out animation in quite a lot of places. This makes the entire experience feel slow after constantly working in the designer.

Divhunt - Slow Fade

Break Point Icons:

Another useful addition would be incorporating break point icons, similar to the example provided below. Although the current visual representation of the size changing is helpful, having icons that indicate the active break point at the top would make it even easier to know which specific breakpoint you are viewing.

Dibhunt - Icons

Fullscreen Mode:
When entering full screen mode, the only way to exit is by pressing the escape key. It would be nice to have a small arrow or dropdown that is fixed (like the example below), allowing users to conveniently click to exit full screen mode using the mouse.
Dovhunt - Fullscreen

Thanks again!

Fantastic, that’s exactly what bothered me too. It’s already much better now!

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If I made everything perfect, then there wouldn’t be any work for me in future, so I would be fired :rofl:

So try again in few months to bring this topic so we can improve it even further :smiley:

JK, but for now I’ll leave it as it, we have more important stuff like marketplace :smiley:


@dejan Haha, of course! I just wanted to make a note of them. But definitely high on that list is the fade in-and-out animation. Instant is always better!
Appreciate you making these improvements so fast!

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Adding another one here, not of major importance right now though. Is there a reason why we can’t edit text directly on the canvas? We have to use the sidebar or double-click for the modal pop-up. It would be much more intuitive to edit directly.

Divhunt - Editing Text

@dejan I feel the most crucial missing feature here is the implementation of steppers/handles for adjusting sizes. I would love to see this feature implemented as it would greatly enhance editing speeds. Also, there is no option to hold Shift + Arrow Keys to increase/decrease sizes by 10px or to use the Up and Down Arrow Keys on their own to make 1px adjustments, which is a common user experience. We have to manually enter sizes every time. So this feature would be incredibly handy!
Divhunt - On Hover Arrows to scale