Questions about Templates and Blog Functionality

Hi there,

First-time Divhunt user here, and I’m diving into the world of website building for the first time too! :raised_hands:

I’m really enjoying the interface, but I’m running into a bit of trouble. I’ve noticed that sometimes the templates I create lose their shape when I drop them. Any tips on how to fix that? Here’s a quick video to show you what’s happening: New Recording - 22/08/2023, 08:35:51

Also, our website’s blog holds significant importance to me. Does Divhunt exclusively rely on Airtable for achieving this functionality?

Thanks a bunch for your assistance!


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Hi @Yaiza

Welcome :slight_smile:

Does this happens with all elements or just that one?

And for blog part, we have Collections app that let’s you structure your data in any way and then show it on your website.

With collections you can build blogs, listings and anything you can imagine.

Hi Dejan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ve noticed this issue with quite a few elements, although it doesn’t affect all of them, maybe around 30% of the ones I’ve tried.

Is there a place where I can find more information about the collection app? I’d like to better understand how to use it.

Additionally, I encountered another issue. I updated the colors of the portfolio grid, and they displayed correctly for a few minutes. However, they’ve now reverted to the “original color.” Strangely, when I attempt to change them again, the correct color is applied in the settings, but it’s not rendering correctly on the actual site. Could you please assist me with this? New video: New Recording - 22/08/2023, 12:59:09

Thanks again for your help!

Hi @Yaiza

You can follow this tutorial that will explain how to create blog:

If you need help, let me know.

For the colors and elements, please share your domain name so I can take a look what’s the issue.

Hi Dejan,

Thanks for the tutorial link.

The domain is:

If you click on the “Ready to take action button” I added a custom code to our form, but it not showing either. Not sure, what can be the issue.


Seems like that 3rd-party script didn’t handled SPA in proper way (single-page applications).
One solution is to open page in new tab or with a refresh.

I’ve set it to open in new tab.

Please check now:

What I did is configured “New tab” property to yes


The issue with colors is actually bug, we will handle it asap.

I have also improved your /application page, I made iframe full width & height so it looks better, hopefully that’s fine.

@dejan Thank you for checking the website. I just checked, and I still see a blank screen. Do you see the form on your end? Also, I think it might be better to have the link open on the same page to avoid losing people along the way.

Thanks for confirming the colors issue. I was running out of ideas already! :sweat_smile:

I made the iframe full width & height so it looks better, hopefully that’s fine.

I’m quite new to this website builder style, so I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds like a good improvement. Thanks again for your help!


Can you refresh and see if it works now for you?

Edit Give us some time to investigate why this script isn’t working as expected.

Absolutely, many thanks for your help!

Hi @dejan @pakic,

Just circling back on the portfolio thing. Any updates on the color glitch issue?

Also, this is still happening, even in new projects: New Recording - 22/08/2023, 08:35:51
I’d like to use this element but it loose its shape when adding it to the website.

Many thanks!

@dejan Quick update: Still hapening the same to a significant number of templates.


Thanks, we have identified the issue and working on a fix.

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@dejan Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your updates on this!

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Hey there @dejan @Pakic,

Do you have an estimated timeline for when this will be fixed? It’s causing some hiccups across several pages, and I’m eager to keep the design process moving forward.



I will be fixed today :slight_smile:

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Hi @dejan,

How’s everything going? Has the issue been fixed on your end?

I was hoping to continue working on the website, but seems that the problem is still there :pensive:.

Most of the templates appear wrong, and the portfolio issue hasn’t been resolved either. Even though I can see my colors applied, they’re not showing up…

Can’t wait to hear back from you. Thanks a bunch!

Hi @Yaiza

Sorry for late reply :slight_smile: Ton of work here on other non-related to builder stuff.
The issue should be fixed, could you verify if everything works on your end now?


Hey @dejan,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. The elements issue seems to be fixed – I’ve tested a bunch, and they’re all good now. Thanks for that!

However, the portfolio section is still acting up. I changed the colors like an hour ago, and they looked fine initially. But when I came back later, they had gone back to the old ones. Even when I redo the colors, they only stick for a few seconds before going back…

Not sure what’s causing this. Any thoughts?


Hey @dejan ,

Just circling back to see if you’ve identified the root cause of the issue. Any update on when we can expect a fix? Thanks in advance!