Questions regarding legacy LTD plans

First off I’m loving the new dashboards, great work team! I did however notice some new things that scare me.

I noticed the new dashboard has us applying LTDs (and their limits) to specific projects. In the past we were told our limits would be shared across all of our projects. ie. we may have 10 really small sites that barely use anything and then 1 really big site that uses 99% of all 11 of those combined codes.

Could you explain why this change is happening when it’s not what we were originally promised?

Second Question, will all legacy LTD codes have “Premium Prerender”? I know when I got my lifetime agency plan back in September I was told I’d always have access to the highest level of features moving forward so I hope that’s still the case:)

Hey, sharing limits across projects is still there; it works the same as before, just with a slightly different UI.

Let’s say you bought an agency package with ‘40 premium websites’. What happens in the backend is your account receives 40 subscriptions that can be used on a maximum of 40 different projects each. Alternatively, you can create only 4 projects, for example, and use all those subscriptions to increase the limits of those 4 projects. Nothing has changed except the UI. Now, you can create 4 projects and assign 10 subscriptions each.

But you don’t have to do this manually. You can assign only one license to a project, and if that project hits the limits of the one subscription you assigned, we will automatically try to apply another LTD subscription if available. If not, we will notify you to upgrade that project with a monthly plan or to buy a new LTD if they are still available for sale at that moment.

And for pro pre-rendering, we will enable it for Agency Plans, but not for individual plans that we were selling for 59$. Reason behind this is simple, pro pre-render costs us and we can’t just give it for free to everyone, it is a completely new system that wasn’t even part of a plan until recently. But we will create an option to those plans to buy pro-rendering if they need it.
But before I dive deep in more explanation, standard pre-rendering that all plans have (even free ones) is still top quality and you don’t have to worry about your SEO ranking.

We will always keep promises to give all the features to all LTD plans that don’t costs us anything, such as collaborators, multilanguages, unlimited pages and more. But if specific new feature costs us money directly on a monthly basis, we can’t include it for free unforunetelly. For example, tomorrow when we launch AI that is working based on Open AI API, we need to limit quota for all plans, having unlimited quotas for free to all LTD plans would put is in ground. :joy:

In general our pre-rendering system is getting big update really soon, and indexing of websites will be faster, and tools such as ahrefs, semrush and more will be able to read content as well without issues. As of now, these tools are not supported, only search engines are.

The difference between standard pre-render and pro pre-render lies in caching. Websites on standard pre-rendering will not have cached results; rather, when Google tries to crawl, we generate HTML and send it to Google, which usually takes 500-800ms, and that’s still amazing!

Pro pre-render will have those results cached and will serve what search engines need in less than 50ms. This will significantly improve the crawling budget of search engines. The impact of this will become clearer over time as people start using it and we gather more data. However, from our research, Google tends to rank higher those websites that are more optimized and on which they spend fewer resources to crawl (crawling budget).

I appreciate the detailed response. I guess my point about applying specific licenses and their limits is that we may want to have a bunch of really small websites that use almost none of those limits in order to pool them towards a few really large ones.

And just to clarify, the pro rendering will be enabled for all the legacy agency plans as well, not just the more expensive ones currently listed on the website right :slight_smile:

Hopefully you take these questions as knowing I care deeply about Divhunt and wanting to still base my entire business around it :rocket:

The example you provided was really challenging to achieve because of our server infrastructure. Mainly, now that you are able to create websites in different locations, managing the total limits of all projects, instead of limits per project, was not possible to support without sacrificing something else, in this case, the ability to have more than one server location.

We did the best we could. If you find yourself in a scenario where you really need to achieve what you wrote in the example above, you can get in touch with us, and we will try to provide an appropriate custom solution at no extra cost. However, the example you wrote is very rare. :smiley:

Anyway, regarding pre-rendering, it will be enabled on all agency plans purchased before. For new plans, it is enabled in the individual pro plan, and studio & elite agency plans.

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I really appreciate it! Me and my team have fully switched all my businesses over to Divhunt and are now doing 75%+ of our client web design work on Divhunt, so I’m just very invested in understanding how to make sure I’m maximizing everything :smiley:

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