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I’m still considering the 2 options between migrating to collections or fighting to make Flotiq works with Rest API :smiley:
The only thing preventing me from just migrating to Collections is the lack of “quote” type of text. We have many of them in our blog posts and we like to style them separately (example below)

Is there a way to do the same thing right now? Or does it require a rich text editor update?

Thank you in advance

Ok found a workaround… I’m styling h6 (which we never use in a blog post) like this:

 h6 {
	margin-bottom: 20px;
	border-left:7px solid rgba(147,22,93,1.00);
	padding-left: 20px;


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I would recommend staying with Flotiq at least until we release new update for CMS, that’s my honest opinion. Our CMS can handle some basic stuff, but for more advanced, we need CMS upgrade (which will come soon).

Thank you for your feedback Dejan.
Unfortunately, when trying to put the content of a Flotiq blog post in a rich text field I have the following issues:

  • The pictures are not recognized and are empty
  • The quote are just text with a margin and I couldn’t style them as I want (maybe there is a solution for this, but the image issue looks a bit tougher)


What’s your domain so I can take a look?

The blog you see is using the collections, not Flotiq :slight_smile:


You meant when you copy and paste inside CMS Rich-text? I am not sure if that’s possible to just paste.

No I meant if I pull the data from Flotiq using the rest API as a source. The same I do with collections when putting “content” in the rich text field.

Flotiq might have a different structure that’s not fully compatible with the rich text field :frowning:


I see, yeah it’s probably different. You can again build plugin but it’s not about building plugin on Divhunt, it’s about converting their structure to HTML which would take more time.

Maybe ask them if is possible so their API returns HTML instead of JSON structure?