Reference data from Google Sheets

Is there a way to pull data into a table from Google Sheets?

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I would be interested into building this plugin. Could you maybe help out, and find more information, API’s docs etc? We can do it fast :slight_smile:


Here is the Restful API for Google Sheets Tables API. Uses Apps Script. Hopefully, this is the info you need. Thank you!

Tables API

How to connect Wordpress tables with Google Sheets API? -

Article Using JSON with GS API

How to consume any JSON API using Google Sheets, and keep it up-to-date automagically | by Vadorequest | | Medium

Sheets API Documentation

Google Sheets API'ye Genel Bakış  |  Google for Developers


Thank you, I’ll take a look into this.

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Would LOVE to use Google Sheets instead of Airtable to pass in data to DivHunt.


I did some research, of course it’s possible, just will need some time to integrate this, please bear with us.

I am currently working on improving collections as it’s most crucial thing, as soon that’s done, I’ll move to export. I’ll do my best to release it this month.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I appreciate your update. Looking forward to testing Google Sheets like we can use with Airtable!

As mentioned, I appreciate your efforts to be open to working on new updates as you share where you are in the process. Thanks again!

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Came here to ask about sourcing data from Google Sheet, I see it is already answered. Looking forward to use Google Sheet over Airtable to pull in content.

Please keep us posted.

Was looking for a way to use CSV file that I got. There is another request for CSV import but it doesn’t have any priority. This solves it! Looking forward to for this feature.

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Any updates would be greatly appreciated :blush:

@grug @pyxskull @adithya @nefer_l

I am currently working on this one, will let you know once available for testing.


Yes! Together with this one (and HTML export), I can finally start using Divhunt :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

I would love to see Divhunt > Google Sheet way. As It will open a door to more play with the form data with other 3rd parties. (Airtable doesn’t suit my small clients).

@dejan Just checking in :slight_smile:

@dejan Hope the development is active with this one. Can we have an update? Thanks.

Hey @grug

I have started it long time ago, but in the meantime we have started having issues with servers and overloading :rofl:, then i’ve been focused on that, and fixed it, but now we have problem with 3rd-party anycast provider, so now some of people reporting websites that are not working in India.

Working on fixing that, and in 1-2 days I can continue this and hopefully early next week will be out

Thanks for your patience.


Any updates on Google Sheets integration or plans to develop it?

updates on this one?