Responsive design

theres a section that disappears on 767 and below resolution. It shows on above resolutions but once we change it to 767 or below it dissapears!. We Tried everything to put the same setting on all resolutions below 767 px as the same above that and still it just dissapears. i cants eem to figure out how to make it visible on those resolution. Please help.

Hey, can you give me a website and screenshot of that section, so I can know what to check? Thanks

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Thank you Pakic, the first one on 991 px with the section highlighted:

Then the one on 771 px with the same section selected:

I need webiste url if possible? :slight_smile:

hello? did you get a chance to look a this issue Pakic

Hey, this div was set to display none on 767px

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Thank you so much Pakic!!