Responsive not working

responsive not working …
if i change in desktop
it changes in mobile
like if i change in desktop then also change text in mobile

please see the video

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Hey @tasbiul, this is not the bug this is how web development works when you set a style to your element (text-align in this example) on a desktop it automatically applies to all devices with a smaller viewport (tablet, landscape, mobile) if you want to change your design to smaller viewports you just need to set smaller viewport in builder and apply new properties to elements.

One more thing, you cannot make text edits (changing letters, etc.) on a desktop and then change them to other viewports, when you enter text in a text element that text cannot be controlled on the responsiveness via text changes, you need to make changes on CSS in order for it to change.

I hope this answered your question, if you have any more questions about this feel free to ask.

it’s breaking text …
please upload a video about responsive …