RGB Colors are shown in a wrong order

Hi team

I am sure you don’t get this kind of “complaint” but I like things to be right.

Your RGB code doesn’t show the right order of colors.

Sometimes I need to take the color codes to explore them on the web and because the color orders are not the same order, it creates confusion.

The right order is :

1 - red
2 - green
3 - blue

In divhunt its:

1 - green
2 - blue
3 - red

Would appreciate it if you could fix the color order as it should look by default so it will be way easier to copy-paste the codes.

Sorry for getting into this resolution but you will thank me later… :crazy_face:

It is rgb order, we are using default standard as you can see.
rgba (red, green, blue, alpha/opacity)

The numbers are not matching.

From left to right: R G B
The order in Divhunt is: G B R

Totally different.

They do? you have 1, 178, 104 in your order, while in Divhunt you wrote 0, 178, 104. You would get the same color if you typed 0 or 1 as first number. And last number In Divhunt is opacity, which is default 1 (no opacity).

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Sorry, I didn’t know that 0 could be instead of the number 1.

Another thing that I have learned today.

Thanks for the teachings!

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