Role Content-Manager 👩‍💼

To efficiently utilize Divhunt for clients as a web agency, I would appreciate having the role of Content Manager on Divhunt. This role would not have access to the builder but could directly edit content on the live website or create new CMS objects.

In addition to managing content and CMS objects, the Content Manager would also have access to a media library for images that they can use. Alternatively, they can upload their own images. This role does not need to sign in to Divhunt but can do so directly on their own website, functioning like a hosted CMS.

Webflow has a similar role; however, it comes with its limitations, such as no access to a media library. Example here: Website Editor | Webflow

I’m not sure if Divhunt is already working on such a role, but I thought I’d write it in the wishlist since I couldn’t find such an entry.


@noxic They commented on one of my post in the past and said that they were working on something like this back in Nov or Dec and said if I could wait a month or two. So I am also hoping they release this soon as it really is a must for clients. Fingers crossed!!

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+1 would love to see this

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