Ronaldo Slider based on Strapi collection: how can I change the value used for sorting?

I’m using a loop on a Strapi collection which is working well.
I can’t find the way I can select another attribute for the sorting.
Today “nom” is presented into the listbox but nothing else.
Here is the form:

I am not sure what do you mean by another attribute for sorting?
You can sort by only 1 parameter. And currently you have sorted it by ‘nom’.

Sorry for not being clear enough.
For my Product table in Strapi, I’ve got the name of the product (“nom”) and a second name (“nomTri”) . I want to use this last one for sorting instead of the current “nom”.
I was not seeing “nomTri” in the dropdownlistbox.

It was probably due to a refresh in the collections cache I missed in the Strapi Plugin configuration.

“nomTri” is now visible and all is OK now !