Save Site Settings?

When I’m in Site Settings/Project settings where you can add a logo, site description, etc - there is no save button? I was guessing the PUBLISH button would do it, but when I come back to Project Settings nothing is there?

How do I save? It doesn’t seem obvious…??

Can you give me your webiste URL so I can check?
Auto-saving is enabled, so when you upload image and refresh, it should be there.

I think it uploads it, but when I come back to project settings, everything is gone from the project settings page.

For instance - I specified a favicon - when I go to the site, it’s there - but if I go back to the project settings page, none of my settings are there - it’s all blank.

Ok - UPDATE - I just logged out and back in, and the settings are there…weird…

Yeah so that seems like a bug - if I update project settings (like description for instance) it auto-saves it.

BUT - if you click out to another page within the project and come back, it doesn’t show the NEW description I just entered.

However, if I click out of the project and go back to the MY PROJECTS area, and then go back into the project, then the NEW description is there.

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We will look into it, thanks for reporting this bug

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