Scroll to anchor animation no longer working

Today I noticed that on a couple sites of mine the scroll-to-anchor no longer has a smooth scroll and seems to reload the page after. Did something change very recently?

  1. On one site, clicking the Link Button pointing to the anchor causes a sudden jump to the section (no smooth scroll like before). Then the page reloads, staying on the correct section.
  2. On another site, clicking the Link Button jumps to the section like above. Then the page reloads but it shows the top of the page (like arriving for the first time).

The IDs for the sections and the links pointing to them were set up and working correctly (I think as recently as yesterday). I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the Simple Scroll Animations plugin but that had no effect.

Could you please check?

I can DM the site links if needed.


It is our fault, it will be fixed asap.
Sorry for inconvenience

I see it’s fixed now. Thanks.