Scrolling effect to move the grid rows left and right

Hi Team,

I couldn’t remember where I have seen this tutorial so I am asking here for an explanation on how can I create the fading in from left and fading in from right effect on each row of the grid that they will move like a train, each row to a different side.

I couldn’t find a plugin that does that and I remember I could see it before.

I have tried with the GSAP plugin but I couldn’t figure how.

It is supposed to fade in and fade out with the mouse scroll 1 row from right to left and in reverse and 1 row from left to right.

How can I achieve that in Divhunt?

You can achieve this with GSAP Follow Scroll. It’s quite simple and only requires some tinkering from your side, to get it to work properly :smiley:

I would suggest starting by watching and follow this video

Teaches you the basics of the plugin :slight_smile:

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