Search for blog posts

Hi team,

is there any chance you will add a search bar to be able to search blog posts/CMS content?

I highly need it for different websites :o

Hi - please need an answer. Even “no” is ok, then i will return the project and use the license for something else. But I need to know if i can build that project with divhunt (website for an non profit association, where search function is necessary)

Hi, sorry for not answering, this has been posted as a wishlist item, and we rarely respond to wishlist items, we just check them and when we are free to build new feature, we check wishlist and work by that.

Anyway, we will work on this in a more advanced way in future, like searching whole website or CMS items even if theres thousands of them. But now, we only have a plugin that can search through what is on the screen. So for example you can show 50 CMS items on page, and then add search via this plugin and it will work. We will publish this plugin during the next week.

Thanks for understanding

Thanks @Pakic!

Regarding the upcoming feature: do I understand correctly that I would need to display all the whole content (e.g., the complete blog posts) on one page to be able to search for strings? Or is a “connection” / teaser of the CMS item enough (and the plugin understands that i want it to search in the connected backend cms item)?

No, this plugin will not be able to detect content of the cms, only titles and optionaly short descriptions that are visible on that page in list of all items.

Advanced search function in future will able to read whatever is in content, similarly to algolia

Thanks @Pakic . Any “rough” estimate what time frame we are talking about regarding the full search function? x-y months? 1-2 years? …