Sell and host courses


In the future, will we be able to host paid courses on this divhunt platform behind a membership?

Thank you


Also can you please advise if my bandwidth and storage would be enough for hosting courses where they watch videos on my divhunt site? The videos are hosted on another platform and I would embed it.

I have 1400GB bandwidth and 21.00GB storage.

Yes, membership and e-commerce will be huge part of Divhunt, and stuff like that will be possible.

Regarding your bandwidth, it’s more than enough if. you store videos somewhere else.


Hi Dejan,

Thank you for the response! I’m unfamiliar with technical side so that helped.
Really excited for the future with divhunt.

I have invested a significant amount of money in Divhunt for e-commerce, and the wait is getting long.
Any hope for an optimistic ETA?

Thanks in advance