Send form contacts to external API

Hey there,

We are trying to create a form that when someone submits it, it will send them an email with a pdf.

We have been able to create the form and send the contacts to the email and slack, but we want to send it also to an API to trigger a email flow.

How can we do that?


Hi @Serpa

Do you still need this functionality?

Hey @dejan yes, I still need this. Any news?


Would you mind sharing the API you need to trigger on form submission? Not the access, just the endpoint and what data do you send? In this way I can help you achieve this much easily.

@dejan I’m still trying to understand if it’s feasible.

So, we offer a “document” download from our website, and we need to trigger an email to the client after he submits the form.
example: Modelo Contrato de Compra e Venda - Onepilot

I’m wondering if I could call the mailgun’s api, but for that I think is that I would expose my mailgun api key to the client because everything is javascript. Am I right?

Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Maybe could we do the download immediately instead of sending an email? Does divhunt support that?

Thanks, man!

Hey @dejan any news?