Send form data to a webhook (e.g. Make)

I looked into the forum and tested for some hours but could not figure out a way to send form data to an external webhook (such as Make).

In the Forms section of the app, it only allows connection with email and Slack. And in the form element when I add the endpoint in the Action field, it does not receive anything. Only when I delete the connection with the form (i.e. delete the value in the Form field in the screenshot), the endpoint receives data but in this case there is no data validation and user gets a success message from Make which is not best user experience.

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240304210021

I read that there is connection with Make and Zapier in the roadmap, but is it possible to send the data in the webhook with another way?


I created a tutorial on how you fetch Divhunt form in Make:

And in case you have a problem doing first part (connecting form to work in Divhunt), check this video:

In make video description you will find pastebin URL of JavaScript code that I used in video.

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Been actually in need of tutorial, thank you :heart_eyes:

Amazing support one more time, exactly what I looking for! Thank you @Pakic :rocket:


Many thanks for the tutorial !
I have set it up on a test website, and try to fetch data into Pabbly (similar to Make), but I do not get fields / values, it seems the body is not passing through.

When I configure to receive webhook with headers, I correctly get the headers. I do not know what is wrong here (I have copied / pasted the code as you recommended in the video, and the console log is correctly showing the fields / values.

Could you help?

Here is my link to get a free account if needed: Pabbly