SEO - domain redirect

Hello guys,

Following up from the recent SEO announcement, a few issues / suggestions that I have come across related to the topic:

  1. At the moment, I cannot select an option for the domain redirect, after I refresh the page it always goes to default “Both”, which I don’t understand why someone would like to have both configurations - from SEO perspective this is a clear duplicate content that may confuse Google. However, it seems to be working as the canonical link points to one of the two options - I guess it is a frontend bug.

Suggestion: I believe this feature would fit better in the new SEO settings inside the builder (just for your consideration)

  1. When someone selects www or non-www, it would make sense to create a redirect to the selected link, because at the moment a user can visit and stay on both links (with the same content), but one of the two is the canonical.

  2. When a user navigates in the website and clicks on links, only the page title changes in the html header. Meta description, canonical links, og fields etc do not update - needs to reload the page.

I hope you can take a look and address them - let me know in case of questions.

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Yeap, thanks for reminding us, we completely forgot that we didn’t fix that :joy: