SEO score is too low

Hi, I used Lighthouse to test the site. And I think the score is not good.
So, how can I improve that score or should I have a tool for SEO?

The Divhunt is really strong in manor of SEO. There are various factors steping to the game. Like structure of titles etc.

Basically you can easily have a 100% on the SEO with Divhunt.
I have 2 sites on Divhunt with 96 / 100 / 100 / 100 results.

Hi, can you give me those sites and tips for improving scores? Thank you very much!

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One a new one is my personal site

second one is the small landing page of client

Both work really well in terms of SEO.

Do I need to install anything special, or is it just a matter of adding some meta tags? Thank you very much!

You do not need install anything. It all about the structure of the site and proper meta tags


We haven’t worked on that website for such a long time, and we never optimized it so far. So it’s not the best measurement in this case.

Our new website has a near perfect score, which is coming soon.