SEO Title for CMS - How to?

Hello would love to get advice how to structure dynamic title for CMS SEO fields

Would love to have structure like

- |


Each CMS has it’s own SEO settings on the right panel. If you’ve connected CMS source to single page, then you can use following variable.


In case you want to add something else, you can do it like this

My Website | ${page->get('data')->get('seo')->get('title')}
${site->get('name')} | ${page->get('data')->get('seo')->get('title')}

Well the thing is I am not sure how to set-up it via function panel in sort of structure


Don’t open variable popup, just place that text into input :smiley:

Ahh thought I can configure multiple variables there somehow. Would be nice to see that in the future rather than write it. (as no-code solution). Anyway GJ and thanks!

It will come as a no-code solution soon :slight_smile:

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