SEO with Divhunt

I’m a bit new to SPA websites. I understand that each page can be given some meta information that Google can pick up on. Is it fair to say, however, that Google will not be able to index the actual content on the page, as it won’t be able to read it?
Any insight gratefully received.


Google is able to read it, since we are using pre-rendering. This technique generates static HTML snapshots of the page, which search engines can index, ensuring the best SEO results with very quick page load times.


I was hoping you would say that. That’s great.


To be fully transparent, pre-rendering is currently experimental, it’s not yet 100% implemented.

We have also tried with server-side rendering, which might be also good solution, or we might actually allow people option to choose.

Just SSR comes with set’s of it’s own issues, for example custom built functions for variables might not work on server side, as those functions are made only for front-end (JavaScript).

So I would say, we are very close on releasing official solution, probably in next 2-3 weeks, but we consider this one of very important feature.


Okay, sounds good. I’m looking forward to the official release!

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Hi Dejan. Any news on this? How is SEO looking on Divhunt?

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It’s released a long time ago :slight_smile:

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