"Setting" Components via a flyout to set any Component from any div!

I think this would be a game-changer for ease of use.

Currently (unless I’m missing something), the process is:

  • Go to Components
  • right click Component
  • “Get”
  • back to where you were
  • right click div (or add one)
  • “Set” as Component

But… what if you populated a flyout menu when hover “Set” that lists out all of your active Components, so you could add any Component to a div at ANY time? :eyes:

I’ve mocked it up here:

Imagine opening a new page, putting in a few divs, and then just right clicking them to drop in your navbar, hero section, contact form and footer… almost instantly? :drooling_face:

We have something like that, you can check this video on how you can add components in 3 different ways: