Should I get Growth or Portfolio?

I’m kinda torn here. I want to make my personal site as a lead-in to business, but I’m not sure what I would then offer to my clients when developing on the platform.

I saw the deal for $59/lifetime Growth, but is that more for MY site, or for purchasing on behalf of a client?


I am not sure how big is your website and what kind of traffic you will get, but I guess its best to go with lifetime solution, since we do not sell lifetime of our portfolio plan. And if you go with portfolio plan, you will spend only in first year 72$ by monthly payments, which is higher than lifetime on AppSumo.

And with AppSumo deal I think you are safe, since that plan covers 99% of today’s websites in terms of limits, that deal on AppSumo is currently boosted and it is a one-time chance, regular Growth plan will have much less limits after AppSumo deal.

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