Show multiple breakpoints per page on the Canvas

I’d love to be able to show multiple breakpoints for each page that’s pinned on the Canvas. That’s how I design in Figma—showing the desktop, landscape, and mobile views side-by-side. That would make it much easier to spot responsive design issues. It would also mimic Figma.

One problem with this approach is that the Canvas could get very crowded (N pages * X breakpoints). But:

  1. This “every view on one canvas” is already how many designers view web design projects.
  2. The Canvas zoom already lets you narrow focus to what you’re working on so the other breakpoints aren’t distracting.
  3. The pin/unpin feature already lets you add/remove any pages you’re not working on.

Maybe to help distinguish among different pages on the Canvas, you could enclose all the breakpoint views for each page within a bounding box (or something similar).

Thanks for considering this feature or something similar!

That is a good point, but it might become overcrowded once more pages show.