Showcase: My Site Went Live Today

Took me a week or two (way faster than v1.0 which I did manually with NextJS). Today my Divhunt-created site went live:

Check it out. Let me know what you think!

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Hey there! Congratulations!

One thing I noticed, it looks like you get redirected to the default Divhunt when you perform a search.

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Amazing, good job! :slight_smile:

I see that you’ve had to use some work-around, but overall a very nice website and it proves that even if Divhunt doesn’t support some of the functionality yet, there’s a way to do it!


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I can’t reproduce it. Can you take a quick loom to show me the error?

Search works great on my browser and in an incognito window.

Hey there!

Here is the demo:

For some reason, it would not let me record audio…

But essentially, when you do a search, the URL in the browser address changes from being to…

Looks awesome! Well done, esp so for only a week or so work!

Your footer is overflowing on mobile. Change the rule for max-width:767px that says “flex-direction:column” to “grid-template-columns:1fr” since you’re using grid and not flex :slight_smile:

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