Sometimes. changes are not saved

I have been working on creating new sections, but suddenly, the designer froze. After updating it, the section I was working on disappeared. I attempted the process again and, after completing the section and exiting the designer, I found that the new section was there upon my return. However, the same issue occurred with another section. It appears that there are issues with the auto save feature. This has happened to me three times across different projects.

Hi @gerardo

Thank you for reporting bug. I am unable to detect what is issue right away, but what I can do is following:

If you are using REST API and having “variables” set, that might be issue, but we fixed that literally 20 min ago.

  1. Implement the prevent on exit - if there changes that are not saved yet - so it will let you know if there’s something wrong.
  2. Implement system which will check if you are connected on back-end and if not, it will let you know.
  3. Add in navbar the save button, so you can see when it’s saving, when it’s not.

If you can please bear with us, we will implement this tomorrow and let’s see if any of these helps.