Sorting display of multi-media uploads [#CMS, #Collections, #Media]

Hey, I’m in the process of building up a website. I have a media field where I’ve uploaded multiple media-files. Though, I need the opportunity to sort the display of these fields.

Maybe even the option to name your own files/src. I don’t know if you can dev in such way so that a each project get’s a url, and then uploaded file name will be remained the same?


This might solve the problem?

Let me know if you have a quick fix for this :smiley:


Is there a way to sort the multi-medias?


It’s not possible to sort images right now, only way is to deselect/select them again in specific order.

Also generating custom links is not possible, as they need to be hashed in order to prevent duplicate uploads in system.

There are some solution which we will introduce in future, but right now it’s not possible sadly.