SPA Seo approach

Hello Divhunt Team,

I’m excited to start using your web builder for my project. Given that the platform uses a Single Page Application (SPA) approach, I have some concerns regarding search engine optimization (SEO). I understand that server-side rendering (SSR) can help mitigate SEO challenges associated with SPAs.

Could you please provide more details on how Divhunt implements server-side rendering? Specifically, I’m interested in understanding how it ensures that search engine crawlers can effectively index and rank my content. Any insights or best practices you can share about optimizing an SPA for SEO on your platform would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for a great builder!



That’s valid question, we don’t use SSR, instead we use pre-rendering.

We support Google, Bing, Yahoo and all crawlers which are sending “bot” in the User Agent header at the moment.

So there’s no action required on your end, everything works already, and you content will be properly indexed by those 3 mentioned.

If you are using some tools to test, you can use query param ?prerendering=true in order to test that your website is returning all HTML content.


Great, thankyou for the information Dejan

Is pre-rendering up and running now? Can you tell us more about it and how we can optimise our on-page content for SEO? Without having content indexed by Google, we might as well not have a website, as everyone knows… no matter how fast it is.


It is running for some time now, there’s nothing you need to do on your end. Divhunt returns the full HTML content to most popular search engine crawlers.

If you want manually to get HTML it’s also possible by passing GET parameter ?prerendering=true

For example: Pricing | We don't gate features. will return full HTML and that’s what Divhunt returns to crawlers.

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@dejan - does the pre-rendering still apply if I use Airtable as my CMS - or would that be rendered client side?

If Airtable is rendered client-side then maybe the divhunt CMS will be good enough?

I am here looking at divhunt because of limitations to webflow - the 10000 items thing & then when looking at using Airtable with Wized realised it renders on the client so bad for SEO…

Will the Divhunt cms have workflow features or integrate with things like Zapier?


Your entire website is pre-rendered when hit by google, yahoo or bing for now. We will add more support later on.

Doesn’t really matter if it is our CMS or any 3rd party. We pre-render everything.

We also plan to implement server side rendering, that will be an option as well. Not sure if it will render everything properly but enough.

You can test pre-rendering output by adding ?prerendering=true at the end of url, that will generate full HTML of your website, which is being returned to search engine crawlers.

For the workflow, Divhunt as an entire platform will have workflow next month, that includes CMS. Our goal is overtime to completely bypass Zappier and everything you would need you could achieve with the Divhunt automation system.

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@dejan ok awesome… there doesn’t seem to be an option to purchase a subscription - think I might have just missed lifetime deals? Is it possible to publish a site currently or would I have to wait?


Yes, feel free to publish, don’t worry about subscription.

However currently there’s one small issue with database which we are trying to solve, please give us some time.

@dejan OK great… can you tell me what the subscription tier pricing will be? Is there any opportunity to join the lifetime deals at this time?

I totally get where you’re coming from with the whole pre-rendering and server-side rendering debate. It’s like choosing between a rock and a hard place! Pre-rendering sounds cool and all, but sometimes it feels like you’re just adding extra weight to your site. And server-side rendering? Well, that can slow things down real quick if you’re not careful.

But hey, props to you for diving into the deep end and figuring out a solution. That’s the spirit! As for using a traffic bot, I’m kinda on the fence about that. On one hand, it can help boost your numbers and get your site some attention. But on the other hand, it feels a bit like cheating, you know? Plus, Google’s pretty smart these days, and they can sniff out a traffic bot from a mile away!

Hi, am not sure what do you mean? What extra weight?