Speed concerns 🤔

Hey all,

I decided to test Divhunt’s page speed against our current solution (WP) for a comparison. Surprisingly, the Divhunt test showed worse performance. Is this because my website isn’t yet “published” on a premium domain? Or is this how it performs generally?



Can you add similar test of WP site so we can compare. This is fixable for sure, so no worries.

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Hi @dejan

Attchaing here some tests:




Any thoughts? How can this be fixed? We are planning to switch from WP to improve our sitespeed and I am bit confused/concerned right now.

Also, regarding SEO I read some previous post about Google not beign able to fully “read” the website content, is that right? How SEO is handled right now?


This is more complex that it might seems.

First you are using the animations on header, that’s proven fact that slows down the loading speed. If you remove that animation, it should increase the score a lot.

Also, I am guessing WP site is cached? While we don’t cache Divhunt websites atm, which could improve also speed a bunch. We will implement this in future.

Another thing (I can’t guarantee, but I am pretty confident)
If you check out this speed test result: - Latest Performance Report for: https://tanic.design/ | GTmetrix

You can see only 21 requests were made, meaning that WP (or the cache plugin) is actually hiding most of page so it performs better on test results like this.

Another very important thing is to test website manually and not rely on the computer tests, because you can feel the speed in more natural way, and as I can see, website built in Divhunt, even that it’s not cached at all, loads faster, get’s refreshed faster.


Another thing, seems that Orimon bot slows the down website, and not Divhunt.

Anyway, after my research, seems like your Wordpress site loading the Javascript functionality after you move your mouse for the first time, which results into faking the scores.

Hi @dejan

Thanks for your insightful feedback!

Just to note, the animation in the header is part of the template I selected. I’m hesitant to remove it, fearing it might impact the overall design.

You are right, the WP page has a cache plugin which helps optimise the website. Just curious, are you working to incorporate caching features for Divhunt? Is somehthing we can expect soon?

To be honest while testing page speed, I observed Divhunt loads quite swiftly. My main concern is with SEO since it’s our primary traffic source. Apreciate your feedback!


Yes. caching will be added soon, and we will make more adjustments as well. In terms of animations, I will try a bit later to disable animations being shown to page speed tools, so they will not see them, only real users will see animations, will let you know how it goes.

Hi @pakic

Thanks for your quick reply, that sounds great! Looking forward to the caching feature, let us know how it works out.

By the the way, @dejan mentioned that Orimon might be slowing down the page. Any ideas on how we could tackle that?

Hey, I will research today on how we can lazy load or not load such tools for bot crawlers, and I will make a guide for it.

Secret of many tools, like Dejan said is, that they are tricking bots in thinking that website is loading faster by not loading whole website or 3rd party scripts to bots, we don’t do that. I believe that user input is best feedback you can get, and I can guarantee that I have never heard someone saying “website is loading slow”. On the contrary, first impressions are that website speeds are very fast :slight_smile: But we will see what else we can do to improve metrix on results as well.

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