Split Function for Arrays

Hey! Two things:

  1. It looks like the Split function and the Lower Case function descriptions might be swapped in the Functions menu.

  2. Can you provide a little guidance on using the Split function? I tried $iterable->split(','), as well as $iterable->join('')->split(',')but neither seemed to do anything.

I have a set of arrays, each with three values in them. I’m looking to split each array into three separate values so I can reference each one in a separate text field.

On a semi-related note, I also was wondering about File>Function. Does that give us the ability to invoke a named function we’ve created in a JS file, or not so much?

Thank you in advance!


I’ll check out above, as for JS file, yes, you can create function and then invoke it with ->function(‘name_of_function’);

Any chance you could show me a quick example of incorporating a function from one of the external JS files into the UI function builder? I tried to play around with it to see if I could figure it out myself, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it to do anything through the UI.


I’ve fixed description issue.
Also fixed the the split function, should work now.


For the files & function would be best if you could wait some time, we will upgrade soon system and make tutorials for it.


I am interested to find out do you know perhaps what is “Variable” for in the request?
You’ve made all requests as variables, therefore each reload, your website takes like 4-5 seconds to load.

Just want to make sure you are using this feature properly, so the reason why your website is slow, is because of these requests, and not the Divhunt.

Yes, I do know (but I genuinely appreciate you pointing it out in case I didn’t). I am playing around with a few different data structures, so most of those will end up getting deleted within the next few days once I’ve solidified my plan (which is actually why I wanted to know about the Function function in the first place).

Totally understandable about waiting for the tutorial. You guys have been super patient and helpful, and I am excited for when the help docs come out!


We will implement some caching system soon, so having even 20 variables shouldn’t be an issue.
Variable system is mostly there so you could build a membership system for example.