SSL and website security

Hi All,

My website has been live on my custom domain for about 24hrs and SSL still doesn’t seem to be working?

Any assistance much appreciated!

Looking into this more, it seems that my domain registrar requires me to enter “custom nameservers” from my host (Divhunt). Can anyone advise what these are please?

They require a Primary server and a secondary server.

Hi @liam

For some reason SSL failed for your domain, I’ve re-created it. Should be fine now.

Also the same thing is happening for me, my SSL is not active what should i do?


What’s your domain name?


Have you added CNAME (www) pointing to domain?

Yes i added Cname www pointing to my domain

I am getting this issue, which is the reason why SSL doesn’t work. It must be some misconfiguration on DNS settings.

Could you try it now?

Never mind worked like a charm thanks.

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@dejan I’m having the same issue with one of the domains I connected for my client, The provider is GoDaddy and it’s taking more than 48 hours to connect and nothing yet. Do I have to set anything different for this one ( I did the A and CNAME records setting as I did for the other domains ), Can you help me to fix this one? The domain is:


There are some errors that our system shows, try to resolve them and it should be good.

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@dejan Thank you! Just double-checking, Do I need to update any record from my side? Because I don’t see any AAAA record on the DNS settings, and when I asked GD they said it should be updated on the SSL provider


Its fixed now. Issue was on our side, sorry for inconvenience

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No Problem, Thank you!