Start site from scratch - proper way?

What is the correct way to start from scratch - when I start a project from scratch, it automatically gives me a stylesheet with “Inter” as default font.

Let’s say I want to set the default font for the entire site to something else - how do I do that? Do I use the stylesheet page and select each element and then select global and set the font for each one?

Not sure what all the colors are - seems like orange is default, blue is an overridden, hotpink is global?

Is there a YouTube video that describes the colors, difference between selecting Global and Tag, etc? (I didn’t see one, maybe I missed it?)


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Have you watched it?

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Yes, actually just found it - thanks. I guess I’m still working through the stylesheet question - I guess the stylesheet you can basically setup all the GLOBAL classes, which will reflect throughout the project.

Just seems strange that you have to go through each header tag (for example) on the stylesheet, and set them all to whatever font you want. I would have thought you could set a default font with one or two clicks that would affect everything…(unless I’m missing something)…

For example, if I want all headers, paragraphs, and spans to use Roboto font, do I have to go through each header, paragraph and span tag on the stylesheet and set each one? (I guess so) - not a big deal, just didn’t know if there was a better way.


I think DivHunt is replicating standard CSS as much as possible. On any website you will need to do global resets because each browser itself has preset CSS values.

Anyway, a quick hack to set all font types to the ‘body’ element. Click body and set it’s global style with the font you want. All other classes will inherit this style.


Thank you! Much appreciated.

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@ShorePatrol I’ve found that if you get the global body element and change the font there, it will propagate through at least MOST of the preset elements you mentioned!

Edit: Just saw @AlwaysBeLearning beat me to it!

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