Still awaiting solution with Issue with wordcount, RSS & Embedding form

Hello DivHunt team,

I’ve encountered a couple of issues that I’ve been unable to resolve. I will be attaching screenshots for each problem:

  1. I’m using Ubersuggest for a site audit, and it consistently reports a low word count on my web page, even though there is an ample word count on the site. Can you please explain why I’m experiencing this discrepancy?

  1. I’m still facing difficulties generating an RSS feed for my website, and I’m unsure why this issue persists. I’ve attempted to validate other sites, and it works. I also validated my own site, which is built on WordPress.

    rss 2

  2. I utilized the embed version to insert HTML code for creating a form, but it consistently displays only half of the form. I will be attaching a screenshot for your reference. Additionally, I embedded this form into another site that uses WordPress, and it functions correctly.


Some not so advanced tools are not capable of reading content correctly on a website since we are using SPA technology. We will see what we can do to improve this, but you can be assured that search engines such as google and yahoo are reading you content correctly 100% and your SEO will not be impcated.

I’ve been using this to test some website on Divhunt, and everything seems fine:

@Pakic thanks, what about the rss and embed problem?

I am not an expert in RSS feed, never used it in my life, but I am pretty sure WordPress automatically generates xml for feed, while we dont. We need to research how this works before we implement this feature.

And for embed code, can you tell me on which page you are trying to embed it, so I can check what you tried to do?

i put the code under the form:


I fixed you issue, problem is that 3rd party scripts can’t be loaded inside of embeds.
They need to be loaded in custom code section in your website settings.

We are aware that you couldn’t know this, so we will put some warning there for everyone.
Btw, this script is being loaded only on your live website, it is not working in builder.

@Pakic, sorry for the late reply, so if I put the code elsewhere on the live site does it work?

Yes. You can create a component out of what you put under contact form, and then re-use it wherever you need it. Or you can just simple copy paste whole embed tag.

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Here is a fantastic article about building an RSS feed with JavaScript.

If we are using content from the Divhunt CMS, this seems like a very doable thing.

Is there a way to programmatically expose a route that will serve as the RSS feed?