Strapi Rich Text - Markdown


I’m trying to build a blog and am using Strapi as a headless CMS.
I found Divhunt on Reddit and just connected Strapi.

I am struggling to show a well formated text however.

My content from Strapi, written in Markdown in the Rich Text Editor looks like this.
See the Divhunt image in the first comment.

Anyone any idea how to fix this?

This is how it is shown in Divhunt


Can you give me your website url, and I will create a tutorial here with screenshots on how I did it?

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The trick is the ->showdown when defining the content right ?
I’ve used it here for example :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at this video (the link will start at the rigth moment)

@xmasrock @josefwilhelm

Or use the ->markdown function, much better and more reliable, supports more features.

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I’ll change to markdown then. Thanks @dejan

if I use showdown it looks like this

here is the link to the website

and this is what it looks like with markdown

appreciate any help.

and here is the data in strapi


You need to use Embed in this case in order to render HTML, so just convert that element (is it Div or P?) to Embed, select it then from navbar find embed and right click on it.

thanks. this works.

but is there a way to style the markdown as well?
sorry for the many questions!


You can style all of the tags separately through child selector. Check out this video:

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Hello @dejan and thanks !
yes, however, I still have some hard times

BoldItalic works for example fine (when extracted from strapi and rendered through Divhunt) but I sill have problems, such as
spaces between paragraphs which are in the same “Rich text Markdown” zone.

Would you point me to which Markdown syntax is available when going through the Divhunt rendering ?

Hope the question makes sense…

@Pakic : I’m having some issue with the markdown blank line and blocquote which are not rendered.

Here is the full info:
In Strapi I’ve got:

Which I expect to be rendered as

But using Embed & ->markdown I’ve got

can you give me website url?

@Pakic :

@Pakic test it with

and open the 2nd paragraph

@Pakic did you had time to have a look at it?

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