Swiper problems

I have 3 slides (setup using the YouTube tutorial) and my images are on the left side - even though I have “centered” selected in the swiper plugin. Clicking and unclicking “centered” doesn’t seem to do anything…what am I doing wrong?

Can you give me website URL?
Center inside of swiper option is not doing what you think it does, but I can record you a video of that when you give me page url

Have you tried changing the number of Slides Per View to a different number and changing it back to the number you want?

I’m using Fade effect - so number of slides isn’t an option. I switched to Fade because I was struggling with the slide option as well and thought Fade would be easier to setup.

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You are right.

I also couldn’t find a way to `align the card to the middle in fade mode

Let’s see what is the solution.

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All the effects have the same problem.
The swiper is very buggy.
Can’t use it at all.
The slide effect only works by enabling the center option. otherwise, the autoplay doesn’t work.

Let’s wait for the maestros to take a look.

You are right - it’s very buggy - I’ve had some success using the coverflow option.

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Here’s a bit detailed video on how to user swiper.
I explained for what is centered option used inside of settings and some more use-cases



This tutorial is SO much better to understand how to use the swiper in Divhunt.

Definitely, you should add it to YouTube.

Now everything is understandable.


@Pakic - is there a way to put the PREV/NEXT arrows on the left and right side of the swiper? (Instead of under it)

I’m trying to get it to work, but no luck so far - I’ll keep trying.

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