Swiper With Animated Icons


I want to build a swiper with cool icon animations.
What file formats are you supporting for that and how it is possible to configure?

Please share what is the best option for quality and speed.


You can use Lottie JSON file.

First you need to install Lottie plugin


After you install it, inside of builder you can click CTRL + E for search and search for lottie


From there you can select Lottie Tag that you just added > go to settings panel, and click on Transform: Lottie.

Now, you can upload your lottie and adjust animation to fit your needs out of the options we have

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

But there is a small problem with it.

It only works for a few seconds.

It looks buggy to me

The animation only works for 2-3 seconds on auto-play and on a loop.

Autoplay is only for the first one that comes in and the loop option is for all at once.

Please watch this video to see the problem and the setup.