Template with Blog

The Divhunt template list does not include any with a blog.

I need a website template created in Divhunt that includes a blog section.

I require a website with a blog in Divhunt for presentation to my client, and I don’t have time to build it from scratch.

Does Divhunt plan to create a template with a blog section?

Can someone share a website created in Divhunt with a blog section so that I can show it to my client? I have very little time. :pray:

Hey @PiotrBak, we created several new Blog templates that will be published along with a new Marketplace. Can’t give you an exact date when Marketplace will be live since many factors are constantly postponing it, but we are very close.

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@PiotrBak Here is a blog I did in Divhunt: Webonized | Blog

I used pre built elements in Div Hunt to do mine

That said if you really just want an easy way to do it, get the HTML and CSS that you need from a blog template, and paste it into the embed element. You would just need to make sure that your paragraphs are wrapped in <p></p> tags etc.

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