The glow effect breaks on smartphone

Hi Team,
The glow effect looks great on the builder and desktop breakpoint but doesn’t look good on smartphones.

Is that a bug?

Best Regards

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Yea, it’s most likely bug on our side. Send me a website url and I will fix it. thanks

Sent you a private message.

Hi Pakic,

Did you see my private messages?

Hi @Pakic ,

It’s been 22 days since and the bug is still there.

Can you help with that?

This issue is, of course, a problem with iPhones (Safari) having difficulty properly rendering hover effects. Therefore, on the mobile version, I’ve set the blur effect to be instantly visible instead of appearing on hover. I’ve tried many solutions I found on Stack Overflow, but nothing worked to fix the bug.

I am using and testing only the Google Chrome browser.

Also tested the glow effects on other websites and it works fine.

The question is why does it happen only in Divhut?

I have checked now also on Safari and the glow effect only looks buggy on divhunt’s website.

I hope you can find a solution because I use this effect quite often.

If it helps @Stolichnaya some of your css for that element looks badly formed and may be causing Safari to parse incorrectly. Safari is historically fickle, worth a shot?

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {
  body main .t664 {
    width: 100; <<<<< badly formed
    background: ; <<<<< badly formed