The new Divhunt website is live!

Hey everyone, we’re excited to announce that our new website is now live! Take a look and let us know your thoughts. If you encounter any issues or bugs, please don’t hesitate to report them.

This update is just the beginning of the major Divhunt overhaul we’ve been preparing for months. We can’t wait to unveil all the new features and improvements soon. Stay tuned for more updates! :sunglasses:

The new website is live at:


Whoa! So even basic small projects will be able to have custom domains for free??


Yeap, we are here to change the industry standards :grin:


When looking at the new pricing, will those of us who purchased Agency essentially have the Enterprise level of features?

I love the idea that even free websites will have custom domains

Hey @Nick, we’re not making any changes to the Agency plans or other existing plans. The only update is to the Free plan, which now allows for the connection of a custom domain. However, it will still have lower limits and is primarily designed for small, portfolio-type websites. This way, freelancers can enjoy having their own domain without the need for a full-scale plan. As for the Enterprise plan, it’s targeted at bigger businesses that require comprehensive services such as website design, development, and maintenance.

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Congratulations to the Divhunt team! :tada::rocket: Your new website looks amazing!!! I’m excited to see all the hard work pay off. Keep up the great work! :clap::blush:


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Congratulations on the new website! :boom: It looks great! I can’t wait to see and use all the new features and improvements that you tease in the mockups on the new website. :-)"

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Congratulations! It looks awesome :star_struck:
But I want to report a bug, the website is always on the home page even when I jump between pages, there are no slugs or “”, so when I click back I leave the whole website.
tested in Chrome iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Awesome work as always! :smiley:

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Great job on your website. I am starting to get reaaaally hyped about this product :slight_smile:
Since Roadmap is removed, can we at least get a hint of what could be expected in near future?
I have some big/complex projects in upcoming months, and I would like to try Divhunt for at least some of those, but I need to know if/when things like Memberships will come for example…

Also where can I learn more details and nature of Divhunt’s native Airtable integration? Is it real-time, two-way? I don’t mean to hijack this forum thread for my personal questions, I just want to read and learn more myself, and don’t know where to go about that.

In any case, can’t wait to see what else comes from you :slight_smile:

Uzdravlje delije, i srećno.

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Glad you like our work!

We had to remove the Roadmap since it was causing more trouble than good, haha. :sweat_smile: Unfortunately, plans are constantly changing based on what’s most urgent at that particular moment. It happens a lot that we’re forced to pause work on one feature and switch to another because it’s connected to two or three others that depend on it, and the whole timeline gets postponed.

To avoid giving users an exact date for a certain feature and then disappointing them if we can’t meet the deadline, we’ve decided to disable the roadmap for now.

But we will keep announcing plans here and on our Discord server, so you can track there for plans and upcoming features!

Now regarding Airtable, we are working on “Single Feature Pages,” but there are a lot of them (over 80) that we need to create content for, so it will take some time. However, we will start publishing them soon. Basically, every single feature on Divhunt will have its own page so you can learn more about it and understand how to use it.