Trouble trying to get GSAP to work on my site

Hi guys,

I’m just getting into GSAP, but I’m having issues with implementing it on my page.
I’ve followed some steps mentioned in this thread GSAP Animation Library plugin - #4 by Dusan

So I have the GSAP scripts in my Head End

Now I wanted to do a little movement on this box on my website

And then I add the scripts inside of the Files manager, but nothing happens? Am I missing something :sweat_smile:

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 13.43.00

Sorry if I’m missing something :smiley:


I would suggest using GSAP plugin.


It’s much easier to use :smiley:

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Ooo I have completely missed that there was a plugin for it! Amazing, thanks @dejan :star_struck:

Would it be possible to add the options of having the “End When” tied to another section/class? :slight_smile: So you could do like a circle scaling up to form the new background, and then scale down, when a specific section is coming into view?


We will for sure improve this plugin, but I can’t promise you when since we are super busy atm with stable release, so many features and improvements needs to be released…

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In case you are having trouble to understand how plugin works, here’s a video explanation: