Typed.js constantly moving my website up and down

Hey, is there a way to configure the type.js plugin not to move my website while loading/animating the text? I just want it to load on the space its already in, but it keeps moving my website up and down upon loading. Would you please take a look? Thanks


Please share your website link and we will help you :slight_smile:

here it is (https://cyberneticseo.divhunt.art/)


Would you consider setting the height of that H1 tag to be exact 112px? That would solve the issue?

And maybe add overflow: hidden for fix that initial state loading.

Thanks I will try those and get back to you later

hey , the stuff actually worked for me. but now the type.js doesnt start loading untill the user scrolls. can this be fixed or?


Since the animation is already at top of page, you can disable “Start on View” - last option and it should work.

this worked, thanks very much!