Unable to get option for Rest API in Builder

My builder will show the collections options available but will not show my API’s to select and select the variables from. I’ve checked and my API is returning the proper JSON but it doesn’t even show up in the builder to select from. Please advise.

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Hi @TimVance,

Please toggle option “Source”, when set as “Source” then you will see “Get Reviews” inside builder.

Let me know if that works for you.

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I would also suggest for this request specifically, configure “Key” field with value get(‘reviews’) , so in this case builder will actually get array of reviews, which makes it easier for you to iterate the data.

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When I toggle source, it still only shows collections. It still doesn’t give me an option for the API’s.


In the REST API for Get Reviews, you need to select “Source” toggle to on.

As well, configuring the proper key is recommended.

Because you want to retrieve an array of items, not the object.

In your case, hey should be set to “get(‘reviews’)”, which will go into JSON keys and return reviews array. You can experiment that and see what happens when you set key and execute request again.

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Hi Dejan,

So I have the source set to on and “get(‘reviews’)” in the Key field but it still doesn’t show up in my Builder under Sources.


Hey @TimVance

As I can see, there is “Get Reviews” under source select for your project.
Make sure you reload the page if you haven’t.


If for any reason you still can’t see it, please reach out to support@divhunt.com and they will be able to debug this more deeply with your help.

Seems to be working now. Had to completely close my browser and re-open. Thanks!



Sorry for that :slight_smile:
We will make sure to double check that and fix any potential issues.

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