Undo (CTRL+Z) within Rich Text

When writing in a Richt Text field, within the Divhunt designer and wanting to remove, what you just typed, and you press CTRL+Z, instead of the text being un-done EDIT: in the Rich Text editor you are removing Divhunt elements of the designer, like a div or paragraph you added before

The Rich Text pop-up should just have regular text editing undo/redo functionality.


We are using a third-party rich text editor named Editor.js, and that’s how they handle undo/redo. So for now, we need to use what they offer until we can build our own rich text editor in the future. So, this can be put on a wishlist, instead of on a bug list.

Thank you for understanding.

Maybe you understood me wrong. When I press CTRL+Z with the Editor open, elements in the Divhunt designer are being undone.
This has nothing todo with the Editor.js, you need to block the undo/redo feature in your Divhunt designer, while the Rich Text editor is open.

Thank you

Yeap, I misunderstood you at first. We will work on that! Thanks for reporting this bug

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