Unpredictable results when using vw unit for text - Looks diff in builder and on front end

Hi team,

I have noticed the ‘vw’ unit in Divhunt and thought to give it a try, to use vw to help with some responsive design situations.

But I am having unpredictable results when I try to set the font size using vw, getting huge or miniscule font sizes and am not sure how I should go about correctly using the vw unit, perhaps I am doing something very wrong :thinking:

I read online that “A value of 1vw is equal to 1% of the viewport width.” but this is not how it is looking when I try to use it in Divhunt. What I see in the builder and what I see on the front end is also very different in terms of size.

I have made a screen recording so you can see exactly what’s going on:

Vw usage yields unpredicable results - video

The page I am working on is here:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


@Pakic Can explain this more deeply, what I can say is that, currently we do not support a real “vw” or similar inside builder for text, because the Canvas and the pages being loaded inside and not in iframe (as iframe acts as different screen).

It will be fixed in future, but currently you’ll have to use real preview to see the real results.

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Aha, I understand. Well I guess I will wait for when vw is entirely supported in the builder. Thanks for your response.