Upgrade account

I bought 10 codes on Appsumo. How is it possible to upgrade to the “Team” plan now ?

Unfortunately you didn’t offer such a plan at that time and this would be the much better fit for my needs.

Many thanks for your amazing support and your continuous progress in this project :wink:


Hi Sven,

Please reach out to support@divhunt.com, and we will see what we can do.

Anyway, it’s good thing that you did a purchase on AppSumo as we are planing a lot of benefits and early adopter badge for AppSumo members.

On the other hand, we’ve created these packages (LTD plans) for main purpose: Affiliate.

With referring a friend, you can earn up to ±$1400 per single sell on highest package, so keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Hi Sven,

What is your decision now?

I asked them how it would be possible to upgrade to a agency plan. I think the studio plan would be the best match for me. Currently I am waiting for their reply.

Thanks for your feedback.

I see. After reading your feedback, I contacted them again to ask about the same request. Please let me know what you will hear.

Hey @Sven @Nova

I’ll reply to your email as well, but I want to be transparent here so other people can see.

Unfortunately after some consideration we are unable to fulfill your request, as it’s not as straightforward as it seems.

Why? Because when you purchased let’s say 10 codes on AppSumo, from that money, only a very tiny portion went to Divhunt.

So you might think that if you already invested $590 for 10 codes, that adding the difference of (for Agency Team plan) is only ±$265, but it’s actually not, we would be at a huge loss.

Hopefully you can understand this, if we allow you guys to do that, others would also ask for it, and we would be at a huge loss sooner or later.

We really appreciate your support and everything, it’s not a coincidence that we made AppSumo codes even stronger than our other plans, and we will keep improving Divhunt and limits for all early adopters and give a lot more benefits in future.


Thanks for your reply.

Well, I have never asked for a free upgrade and the correct difference is $155 (=$750-$590). What I thought was the upgrade from 10 codes to an agency team plan by paying the difference of $155.

Please reply to my email for the followup discussion.