URL Blog Page Issue

Hello there,

So I published my blog on the website yesterday.

When you open the homepage and then go to the blog section, everything looks fine.

However, when a visitor attempts to open the blog page using the url https://upgradingwomen.com/blog/single-post/unveiling-the-power-of-branding-apples-epic-partnership-with-olivia-rodrigo, the page does not open. It displays a white screen.

Could you assist me with this problem?


Seems like the slug of blog is different:

This is the one in Collections

While this is the one you are trying to open

So if you try to open with the correct slug, it works:

What you can do?
Manually modify the slug in Collections to fix the issue:

However, there’s also a small bug on our end if the slug is not correct. Thanks for reporting that.

btw, a few days ago, I created a new website using the same template as the main website I use. which I duplicate. Is it possible that is causing the white screen page?
because I see on my new website that the blog site is updated with the new blog that I just uploaded to the main website.


Each project works individually for itself. There can’t be any conflicts. The white screen error in particular seems to be a bug on our end which happens once the slug is not correct or doesn’t exist.

We will fix that, thanks for reporting.

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Hi @dejan

Have you fixed the issue?
Because the white screen still appears


It’s fixed. Works now.

I’ve created 404 page with simple text, but you should style it, so in case users go into wrong url, they will see 404 page.

Great, Thanks!
I really appreciate it.