Using multiple domains for a single website

Is it possible in Divhunt to point multiple domains to one website? And then set one of the domains as the default, so that the other domains automatically redirect to the main domain?
Additionally, is it possible to forwarding www to non-www, or the other way around?

Setup as Main-Domain
Forwarding to the Main-Domain.

Update: I’ve just discovered how to redirect from www to non-www.


Usually with domain provider you can setup redirects from one domain to another.

Yes, that’s correct. However, to my knowledge, this can only be done via the .htaccess file, which means it’s only possible when hosting is active. If the domain provider only manages DNS entries, this may not be achievable as far as I know.


It’s for sure possible. Most of domain providers offers redirect services. We are also using it with Namecheap and Cloudflare.

You might want to check first with their support? If not, we can find some solution for you.

Yesterday, I had a chat with the support of the domain provider. They don’t support domain redirecting without an active hosting. I’ve checked domain providers like GoDaddy, and they support that. In that case, it’s the only way to change the domain provider, and I think I can try that.
However, in more complex environments and situations, it might not be that easy to switch a DNS provider without incurring costs for support.
For example, I have some clients who have up to 6 domains pointing to the same website, as well as various subdomains where applications are running.


What we did for Divhunt, we have pointed most of the domains towards Cloudflare (updated nameservers), and Cloudflare has redirect rules, which did the trick for us.

That could be one solution for you as well.

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Good idea, thanks for the hint. i will try that. :slight_smile:

ha, i did it within 10 minutes. super easy. thanks!

hmm… not so easy after all. now the builder no longer works. says to many redirects…


I apologize for late reply, Is this issue solved?

No problem. The issue with Cloudflare isn’t solved; I just changed back the DNS to the old provider. I will try again later. However, the builder still doesn’t work.
It says: ‘Failed to fetch. Fatal error. Please check the console for more information and reach out to support.’
The Divhunt URL is working, but the production URL is not. Does it matter which URL I use for the builder?


For me, the builder works on your website without any issue. If problems still persist for you, the best way to handle this is if you can join our Slack channel so I can navigate you into debugging mode and learn why errors are happening.