Videos doesn't work in 480px breakpoint


My videos aren’t playing automatically in 480px breakpoint.

In the live view, it works fine but when I check in my iPhone it only shows a picture of it.

The configurations in all of the breakpoints are autoplay

Hey, this issue is mostly on our side, we will update our system soon.
For iPhones to work, we need to also add playsinline attribute to video when you check autoplay toggle option.

For now, I added that attribute manually to your video.
Let me know if it works


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It works maestro :kissing_heart:
but I have another video that doesn’t work.
What do I need to do to make other videos work?
Couldn’t find the playsinline attributes in the video menu

Select that video, go to advanced tab, attributes, and create new attribute
name: playsinline
value: true

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