We Released Divhunt Crash Course 2024

Hey everyone, we just released a Divhunt crash course video that covers all the web development essentials and Divhunt basics. You can learn everything you need to create well-structured websites and understand how proper development works. You can really learn a lot from this single video. Check it out and let us know your feedback!


This course it total gold. Thanks for making this!!! I’m learning a lot!


Good video. It will be a great example for beginners.

I looked to see how developers use the tool. I still can’t get used to the fact that they don’t give class names :grin:

Regarding the use of classes, it highly depends on the user’s background. Designers generally don’t use classes since they are accustomed to tools like Figma, where you simply call a new element, style it, and if you want to reuse something, you convert it to a component. Classes are overwhelming for them. :smile:

Developers, or designers with a history of working with pure frontend (writing HTML and CSS), will use classes in most cases because they understand them, find them easy to manage, and recognize their importance.

This is a really important and interesting topic that we discussed extensively at the beginning of Divhunt, as we understand we are targeting multiple user groups and need a solution for everyone. That’s why you can use classes in Divhunt, but you don’t necessarily have to. :smile: